Our Dogs

These are some of our dogs, past and present. Every one represents the Deutsch Drahthaar breed exceptionally well. Please browse our gallery and meet,Tanja, Annie, and Ares!

Arko vom Wildshultz
8/20/97 - 11/20/01
VJP-67 HZP-150 VGP-294 Prize 1, BTR

Arko was braunschimmel, approximately 26 inches tall and weighed around 70 lbs. He was very athletic, super nose and excellent pointing dog. He introduced me to this fine breed and was the perfect dog for a first time handler, easy to train, and very forgiving. While he did produce two litters before he died, unfortunately none of his progeny were certified for breeding. However, all of my dogs are closely related to this fine individual and he set the standard by which my dogs are now evaluated.


Annie vom Wildflugel
VJP-69 HZP-154 sg/sg

Coat, confirmation, and true hunting versatility, Annie is the perfect example of the breed. She is equally at home in the water and in the field, loves to please and has the classic drathaar look. And while I force train all my dogs, she is one of the few dogs that I would consider a true natural retriever. At approximately 23 1/2 inches and 55 lbs., she is all business when it’s time to go hunting. She loves to search and will hunt hard all day long. She is also an excellent tracking dog and has recovered many cripples or killed birds that would have been lost had she not been on the hunt.

Aspen vom Uintah (AKA Penny) VJP 71

Penny continues to develop into a wonderful hunting dog and companion. She performed very well in her VJP under less than optimum conditions (hot, windy, and dry). She is well on her way to completing her HZP preperation and we are looking forward to honing these skills during the upcoming hunting season.

Ares vom Ike
VJP - 10/10/9/10/10 - 69HZP - 11/10/10/9/10/10/10 - 170

Ares (AKA Jet) at 25 inches and 70 lbs is a very striking individual. He too is very athletic but has more muscle mass and substance than my other dogs. He is very task oriented and learns quickly and completely. He finished forced retrieve and blind retrieve training very early and was performing HZP level work at 8 months of age. Jet has an excellent nose, super pointing ability, and is a wonderful tracker as well. Jet has a very deliberate working style, is an excellent searcher, and has the widest natural range of any of my dogs. Waterfowl hunting is a true joy with Jet. By the end of last years season (his first), he was my go-to "duck dog".

Tanja di Costa Rubea

TanjadiCostaRubeaTanja di Costa Rubea arrived in the US on a hot May afternoon. Despite airline travel originating in Italy, a brief night's stay in Germany, a three hour car ride from Atlanta, Ga, she has quickly learned to take life as it comes. She has a bold and "in your face" type personality that has served her well. We are very excited about her potential and what she will bring to our breeding program.

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