Sold - Arko will now be hunting quail and ducks just outside Myrtle Beach

Trained and Started Dogs
I love to train and hunt young dogs. Every one of them I hope to develop into the next great Drahthaar, but unfortunately I can never figure out how to justify keeping them all. Even the most talented dogs might not fit into the current needs of the kennel so from time to time I will have dogs available for sale. These dogs are not culls. Most were the pick of the litter (at least from my viewpoint). This is an excellent opportunity to buy a young dog that has had at least enough training, and most of the time, hunting experience to demonstrate his hunting skills and potential.
Arko vom Stillwasser
Arko is a very athletic 65 lb. male. His coat is hard and dense with light face furnishings. He is only in his second year, but I would consider him a finished hunting dog. He is an excellent pointing dog (scored 11 in both VJP and HZP), is steady to shot in the field, and will retrieve to hand. He has a very good search and wonderful nose. He is an accomplished retriever, with excellent manners in the blind, strong water skills and lives to hunt waterfowl. He was my most dependable waterfowl dog in his first season. He is great in the house or in the kennel, and no problem around strange dogs or people. Unfortunately Arko's overall coat and confirmation is not suitable for our breeding program.
Call for details - Waterfowl hunters preferred - - Serious inquiries only
arkopheasant Arko holding fox Arko holding wood duck
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